Taylor Swift Says Trump Trying to 'Blatantly Cheat' in Election with Postal Service Cuts

Saying the president is trying to “subvert and destroy our right to vote,” Swift urged her fans to request a mail-in ballot and vote early.

Taylor Swift is not mincing words when it comes to the ongoing crisis at the United States Postal Service, saying that recent budget cuts and policy changes there are all part of the president’s blatant attempt to steal the election.

Trump has said publicly that he doesn’t support a proposed emergency cash infusion into the Postal Service because he worries that increased mail-in ballots would favor Democrats, espousing his unsubstantiated claims that many of these ballots would be “fraudulent.”

The president said quite plainly that if the Post Office doesn’t get its requested funding, “that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting because you they’re not equipped to have it,” per CNN.

He’s come under extensive fire from circles in and out of politics for what many see as an attack on the Postal Service for political gain.

“Trump’s calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing clearly: He is WELL AWARE that we do not want him as our president,” tweeted Swift on Saturday. “He’s chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans’ lives at risk in an effort to hold on to power.”

Saying that the president “is now taking advantage of it to subvert and destroy our right to vote and vote safely,” Swift urged her fans to request a mail-in ballot early and take it a step further by voting early.

With reports of the USPS already pulling hundreds of mail sorting machines and possibly removing drop-off boxes around the nation, it could become more challenging for people to get their ballots into the mail system, and longer for that mail to get sorted and delivered.

Swift has become much more politically vocal in recent years, levying multiple attacks against the president and standing firmly on the side of Black Lives Matter protesters in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

With nearly 87 million passionate followers on Twitter alone, hers is a voice that can certainly resonate among her young fans.

She is clearly favoring Biden in this election, preceding her USPS-related attacks on Trump with a retweet of vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris announcing that she’s joining his ticket for the White House.

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