Tank Blames Tyrese Being Greedy for TGT Split, Tyrese Responds [Photo + Video]

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Tank, Tyrese, and Ginuwine are back to airing their grievances with each other in the media.

A few weeks ago, Tyrese took to Instagram to announce that their group TGT had broken up. Some words were exchanged and they men seemed to have patched things up.

Apparently not.

Tank spoke to TMZ and basically blamed the group’s demise on Tyrese — who initially placed the blame on Ginuwine.

via TMZ:

It’s an interesting twist … Tyrese had announced the group’s demise in December, but didn’t blame anyone in particular. All he said was the group would be moving on without Ginuwine — which seemed like a hint, but now Tank’s pointing the finger at Tyrese. 

Watch what happened at LAX when we asked for a TGT update. For Tank, it’s all about the Benjamins.

A rep for Tyrese says the group’s money was never split equally because the economic fact is Tyrese has had more chart success on his own. The rep did not deny money was behind the breakup.

On a personal level … the rep said Tyrese still considers Tank and Ginuwine his brothers, but “business is business.”

Tyrese took to Instagram to respond to Tank’s comments.

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