T.I. Says Iggy Azalea 'Switched Up' When She 'Found Out White People Liked Her' [Video]

T.I. is still throwing dirt on his former protege Iggy Azalea.

After calling her a ‘blunder’ and accusing the rapper of being the ‘tarnish of my legacy’ in a previous interview, T.I. spoke to The Breakfast Club and elaborated on why it was best he and Iggy went separate ways.

via Complex:

“I feel like she was meant to be great,” Tip said around the interview’s 23-minute mark. “As far as I’m concerned, I feel like when she found out white people liked her and she didn’t really need black people to like her anymore, she switched up, started acting different, made moves that I wasn’t proud of, that kind of placed my reputation in the line of fire. And she was very arrogant about it. … The raps were dope at first, you know what I mean? Of course, she had…help,” T.I. said with a laugh, responding to Charlamagne’s suggestion the word he was looking for was “writers.”

“It was dope at first, and then she exposed herself so much,” he went on. “And I feel like it just kinda—it undid all the good that was done.”

T.I. executive produced Iggy’s breakthrough project The New Classic. The album was commercially successful and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. The fame she gained from the record must have affected her relationship with Tip as he decided to step away from her career following the release.

This isn’t the first time T.I. has touched on his rift with Iggy. During an interview with The Root, Tip stated that he needs to find another woman artist to undo the “blunder” that was Iggy Azalea. “That is the tarnish of my legacy as far as [being] a [music] executive is concerned,” he explained. “To me, this is like when Michael Jordan went to play baseball.”

You can watch T.I.’s interview in full below.

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