T.I. Ordered to Pay Restaurant Employees $75,000 in Unpaid Wages

T.I. has to fork over $75,000 in unpaid wages for his employees who lost their jobs when his restaurant shuttered.

via TMZ:

Tip just settled with 9 of 11 employees who went after him after his Scales 925 shut down in 2016. Each will get $8,333.33 in unpaid money … totaling about $75,000. The rapper is also on the hook for another $25,000 in attorney’s fees — do the math and it’s right around $100,000.

As for his part — T.I. claimed he wasn’t a bad restaurant owner — he says he put a manager in charge who siphoned money to line his own pockets.

Now back to the whole situation with Houston’s … 

That’s rough.

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