T.I. Arrest 911 Call Released, Guard Says He Felt 'Threatened' [Listen]

The audio call from T.I.’s arrest earlier this week seems to back up his version of events.

via TMZ:

TMZ’s obtained the 911 call … where you can hear the guard telling the operator, “A resident is walking back here at the guard shack where I’m at.”

The guard continued describing the scene, “I’ve been threatened by a resident and he’s here now knocking on the door.”

You can hear T.I. in the background telling him to step outside the guard shack because he wants his name. The guard refused to give him that information. T.I. also reminded the man he owns a home there and pays for his services.

T.I. got heated and repeatedly said, “You’re making it worse for yourself, man” and warned that at some point “you’re gonna have to deal with me.” He does calm down and asks the guard to step outside to talk.

It should be noted that T.I. never threatened the guard — however he did repeatedly ask the guard for his name and to speak to his superior. Listen to the guard’s call below.

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