Surprise! Cardi B and Offset Secretly Got Married -- LAST YEAR

If you’re wondering why Offset occasionally refers to Cardi B as his wife — it’s because they secretly got married last year.

via TMZ:

We did some digging and found out they got a marriage certificate in Fulton County, GA on Sept. 20, 2017. For you single folks … the marriage certificate is filed with the court AFTER a couple does the deed as proof the marriage really happened.

When Migos won Best Group Sunday at the BET Awards, Offset said excitedly, “I thank my wife. You should thank yours.”

The secret marriage puts a new perspective on their big public engagement. You’ll recall, Offset got down on one knee back in October during their performance in Philly. 

Turns out … Offset and Cardi are a true showbiz couple ’cause that was all for show. Now, we know they were already husband and wife for a month at that point.

Well, congrats to them! We now see why Cardi has been so ride-or-die for her man husband in the wake of all those cheating scandals. 

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