You Sure, Sis? Florida Woman Quotes Bhad Bhabie After Going on Racist Rant in a Nail Salon, Says She's Going to Be a Star [Video]

A Florida woman went on a racist rant against a nail technician and dropped Bhad Bhabie’s ‘cash me outside’ catchphrase while she did it.

She also says she’s going to be famous…

via TMZ:

The latest “Karen” recently went into a nail salon and got into a dispute with an employee, but when she was advised to leave … she launched into a xenophobic attack on the staffer.

The woman — who goes on to identify herself as an independent recording artist named Corina Monica — repeatedly yells at one of the nail techs … “Go back to your f***ing country.”

She also threatens to get violent, says she’s crazy, and quotes Bhad Bhabie — aka Danielle Bregoli — from her infamous “Cash Me Outside” interview on Dr. Phil.

Despite taking it all the way back to 2016 with that line … Corina insisted she was a fresh new artist who’s about to be a huge star. You can tell from the video … no one was buying into that.

BTW, we checked, and Corina’s main music video on her YouTube channel has less than 1,000 views.

And here’s a fun fact for racist Corina — the person who posted the salon video says the nail tech she targeted with her racist rant was born right here in the U.S.A.

Watch/listen to the video below.

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