Suge Knight's Life Will Be The Subject of A New "BMF"-Style TV Series

Suge Knight was an instrumental player in hip hop in the 1990s as the co-founder and CEO of Death Row Records.

via: Vibe

The untitled limited series will go “even deeper into his infamous timeline than anything the public already knows,” according to TMZ. The outlet stated that Knight and his brother, Brian Brown, are collaborating on the project and it allegedly has a “similar feel” to BMF.

Back in 2021, Knight struck a deal with producer Steve Whitney and TSW films to sign over his life rights. Despite being incarcerated, the now 57-year-old co-founder of Death Row Records told Deadline, “Over the last 30 years, there has been so much talk about Compton, me, the inner cities, and Death Row—A lot of talk. Even when it comes to making my movie there has been so many imposters saying they have my rights, or they got the deal—that was, and is, all talk.”

He continued, “I jumped off the porch in my neighborhood at a young age but never forgot where I came from. Most people try to ride for the hills, I made it and tried to bring as many people to the hills with me and feel that I was successful at it.”

Whitney added, “During the golden era of rap and hip hop, all roads led through Suge Knight,” said Whitney. “That era helped define a new brand of music and culture that changed the world.”

Knight is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence for the 2015 murder of Terry Carter. Despite not being eligible for parole until July 2037, TMZ reports that he’s been “very hands-on” during the casting process and in terms of choosing a director.

“Our sources say Suge [is] putting acting chops above on-screen resemblance for whoever plays [Tupac], and they’ve gotta capture the icon’s mannerisms and style too,” said the outlet.

Since taking ownership of Death Row, Snoop Dogg has partnered with Larry Jackson’s Gamma to distribute the label’s entire catalog, in addition to the rapper’s next two solo albums.

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