Suge Knight Is Worried His Parents Will Die Before He Gets Out of Prison, Asks for Leniency


Suge Knight’s parents are getting old — and he thinks that’s enough to get more privileges while in prison.

via TMZ:

The rapper says his 74 and 77-year-old parents are in really bad shape. In fact, they’re in such poor health, Suge’s filed new docs in his murder case — obtained by TMZ — asking the judge to allow them to visit him in L.A. County jail. He also wants phone privileges so he can speak to them. 

Suge says he’s been walled off from his family — missing out on time with his sister and 6-year-old son as well — and he was never given a heads up that his communication with them would end. 

He’s set to go before a judge next week to get a ruling on his request.  

Do you think the judge should honor his request?

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