More to the Story: Tamar Says Vince Herbert Went to Jail on Christmas After a Drunken Jealous Rage, But He's Not a 'Vicious Abuser'

Tamar Braxton says that what landed Vince Herbert in jail on Christmas day wasn’t abuse — but blames the incident on alcohol and jealousy.

via TMZ:

Tamar tells TMZ, “Co-parenting while going through a divorce is not an easy task.  While celebrating the Christmas holiday as a family, after a few drinks and some jealousy, things got a bit out of hand, which is common for most families during the holidays.  In the midst of everything our family is going through things got heated and a bit exaggerated.”

Tamar makes it clear … “There was no physical interaction between Vince and I on Christmas. While I do not appreciate his lack of respect for our family and him allegedly impregnating another woman, I cannot paint him as a vicious abuser that Vince is not”  

Well, Tamar’s OWN mother went on record and said Vince is an vicious abuser here, here, AND here.

Tamar continues,

“I’m deeply hurt and saddened that this will be how we remember Christmas, 2017, but, my moto is and maintains to be ‘Bluebird of Happiness’ and nobody will stop my joy and blessings going into the New Year!  God Bless.”

We hope that one day Tamar stops defending her estranged husband’s abusive behavior and recognizes that verbal and emotional abuse IS abuse.


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