More to the Story? Police Claim T.I. Came Looking for a Fight with the Security Guard Prior to His Arrest

According to police, T.I. was ready to fight the security guard who wouldn’t let him enter his own gated community — which is what prompted his arrest for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

via TMZ:

According to the report, the security guard said T.I. pulled up at around 4 AM Wednesday. The guard asked who he was and where he was going and T.I. replied, “Harris, hook me up.”

The security guard told cops he did not recognize T.I., so he didn’t let him pass. The guard says that’s when T.I. began hurling profanities, yelling at him to open the gate. The guard eventually relented, and opened the gate.

T.I. went in but then walked back to the gate, and the guard told cops that’s when T.I. began threatening him, saying, “Come outside so we can deal with this man to man. Let go in the street.”

The guard told cops he felt threatened and called police. According to the police report, dispatch heard T.I. yelling in the background.

Cops say when they arrived they could smell alcohol on T.I.’s breath.

Who do you believe? The cops or T.I?

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