Stormi Webster Singing 'Patience, Patience' While Waiting for a Treat Just Stole Twitter's Heart [Video]

Kylie Jenner asked her two-year-old daughter Stormi Webster to resist eating from a big bowl of the chocolate candies while she went to the bathroom.

Well, that confirms it, Stormi Webster must be one of the most disciplined and well-behaved two-year-old’s in the history of the world. And Kylie Jenner has the video evidence to prove it to any doubters.

There was absolutely no sign of the “terrible twos” in an absolutely precious video Kylie shared of her daughter showing incredible restraint. In fact, the moment was so sweet and adorable that fans started sharing it immediately, and even got Stormi’s name trending toward the top of Twitter on Monday night.

Not bad for a toddler who is only just beginning to master the English language. Oh, and that was on full display, too.

The video was actually a pretty clever little stunt (a variation on the fruit snack challenge) that any parent could play to see how their kids are when they’re not around. Clearly using a camera to film the moment that Stormi was unaware of, Kylie set a huge bowl of M&M’s in front of the precocious cutie.

As Stormi understandably lunged toward the sweet treat, Kylie told her she could have three of the chocolate candies, but only after Kylie went to the bathroom. She then left her daughter unattended with the bowl … and only barely distracted by the television.

We about lost it when Stormi again lunged for the bowl only to stop herself! She then sat back and sweetly began singing “Patience, patience, patience!” to herself until Kylie came back.

It’s a testament to both daughter and mother that Stormi showed such restraint, and maintained her sweet and joyful disposition throughout. And at a time when we could all use a little joy in the world, Kylie’s fans latched onto this special mother-daughter moment immediately:

[via TooFab]

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