Steve Martin Playing Banjo in the Woods is Everything We Need Right Now [Video]

“Thank you for brightening my day in these scary hours, stay good and God bless,” wrote one fan.

Steve Martin must have his finger on the pulse of America because he just gave us what we need in these trying times.

The legendary comedian took to Twitter on Saturday to serenade our spirits with an awesome ditty on his banjo. He appeared to be playing alone in the woods, still adhering to social distancing recommendations to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” star strummed for about 70 sweet seconds as he captioned the clip, “Banjo balm.”

It seemed like a simple gesture, but Steve’s mastery of the folk instrument and the the uplifting music appeared to soothe the souls of many online.

Fans — including many celebrities — were quick to show their appreciation as the veteran actor took their minds off the COVID-19 crisis, even if for just a moment. It was a perfect distraction for those that are quarantined.

Kim Catrall posted, “[email protected] Needed that,” while “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet shared, “Thank you for that beautiful ditty.”

“Thank you Steve Martin,” was written by comedian Patton Oswalt, as Mia Farrow echoed his sentiment with, “Thank you Steve! Stay safe.”

A Twitter follower referenced one of his “SNL” characters as they wrote, “America is wild & crazy about you!”

And another social media user said what was on many of our minds, “Will you play for us every day, please?”

Check out more heartfelt reactions to Steve’s impromptu concert below:

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