Steve Madden Claps Back at Iggy Azalea but Forgives Her for Outburst: 'She's 24 Years Old.' [Video]


Iggy Azalea hopped on Twitter yesterday to express her frustration with Steve Madden after his Tumblr featured unauthorized photos from their collaboration.

Well, the footwear mogul has responded.

Speaking with TMZ Live, Steve partially chalked up Iggy’s outburst to age.

I want to say that she’s 24 years old, and she’s a big star, and she makes mistakes. She’s under a lot of pressure, and I think it was terrible what she did, but she’s a great artist. It was an outburst, a temper tantrum, and she’s over it. The damage is done a little bit, but I still love her.

Steve later joked that he and Iggy would have to attend couples therapy before working together again.

Check out the video below.

Hopefully, Iggy takes her mentor T.I.’s advice.

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