A ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Shot Has Some Fans Convinced That Multiple Spideys Are Afoot [Photos + Video]

The second trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” premiered on Tuesday, a little over a month ahead of the Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios co-production’s exclusive theatrical release.

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The Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer featured plenty of Spidey villains (including but not limited to Willem Dafoe as the scenery-chewing Green Goblin and the Alfred Molina as underrated badass Doctor Octopus), but did it actually include plenty of Spideys, too? From the straight-up looks of things, this appeared to not be the case. However, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are nothing if not master speculators, and just like that time that people thought they saw Daredevil actor Charlie Cox’s arms and torso in a teaser, they’re alight with speculation that their Spidey senses are not unfounded.

That is to say, some people are utterly convinced that more than one Spider-Man appears in this trailer. Naturally, they’re referring to the fact that Doctor Strange and the multiverse are afoot, so they want to see some Andrew Garfield and/or Tobey Maguire magic. For sure, this is possible, even though both actors have done nothing to encourage speculation and Garfield has done his best to shut the rumors down, whether or not the spirit of the effort is genuine. So, what on earth could be in this “not fun” new trailer that would be causing Marvel fans to kind-of lose it?

Silly rabbit. A speculation-stirring shot takes place at around the 2:30 mark, when Zendaya’s MJ takes a fall that appears to be a direct callback to Gwen Stacy’s death. However, an apparently unidentified hand reaches out to rescue Peter Parker’s lady.

Readers, that hand has caused a ruckus. As one Twitter user exclaimed, “THIS FUCKIN HAND IS BLUE!”

And why might this detail matter? Because Andrew Garfield wore a Spidey suit with blue hands.

Hmm. There’s a decent chance that Sony/Marvel Studios are actually f*cking with us by inserting this shot (remember the missing character in an Avengers: Endgame spot that turned out to be Lebowski Thor?), and who could blame them, but you know what? It worked. Very quickly, the theories began to fire back and forth between fans on Twitter.

Was the color of the Spidey hand somehow “off” due to the light of the shot (due to lightning), or did something somehow (perhaps purposefully) get “inverted”? One user made a great point about the villains looking identifiable but still somehow “different” that what we know from previous Spider-Man films. And some users looked at other moments in the trailer and concluded that the hand is reflective of Tom Holland’s newest suit. Honestly, it looks like Holland’s being set up for this shot as the owner of the hand, but you can never know anything 100% when it comes to an MCU trailer.

Some people remain convinced that this shot means that extra Spideys are truly afoot in this movie. And a few people do make some compelling arguments. Who knows what will happen, however, when No Way Home finally arrives in theaters? People are gonna speculate until the day that it happens.

Aaaaaand it’s also worth a passing mention that Doc Ock was apparently taken aback by meeting Holland’s Peter Parker, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing any other Spidey versions along the way.

Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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