Spice Girls to Reunite for a Stadium Tour Without Victoria Beckham

After several attempts at a proper reunion, the Spice Girls are officially embarking on a reunion tour — without Victoria Beckham.

via Page Six:

The Sun’s Dan Wooton can reveal the Spice Girls will finally formally reunite on Monday — to announce a huge British stadium tour next summer.

The iconic group have secretly recorded a video message to the world that will be broadcast on Bonfire Night.

Then next Saturday they will appear for their first TV interview on Jonathan Ross’ ITV chat show.

The Spice Girls are one of our most successful pop exports ever but haven’t performed since the London Olympics closing ceremony in 2012 — widely believed to be their last ever gig.

And they have not toured together since their only other reunion, which ended in January 2008.

The music comeback of the decade is being managed by Simon Fuller and Modest Management, the firm behind the success of One Direction.

Of course, there is a very obvious talking point — this will be a new Spice line-up.

Instead, for the first time, the line-up will be “Baby Spice” Emma Bunton, “Scary Spice” Mel B, “Ginger Spice” Geri and “Sporty Spice” Mel C. 

Party pooper “Posh Spice” is missing because Victoria Beckham is determined to focus on her financially failing fashion business.

The Spice Girls were a four-piece for two years after Geri quit the band in 1998

The remaining four members went ahead with their North American tour and recorded their third album, Forever, before going on hiatus in 2000.

As well as being famous for legendary pop anthems such as Wannabe, Spice Up Your Life, Stop and Who Do You Think You Are, the Spice Girls changed the face of music forever. They launched a new brand of empowered female pop that helped shape a new generation of women (and lots of Spice Boys, too, of course).

And they influenced so many of today’s biggest artists, including Adele, Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

The Spice Girls ignored record company executives who wanted them to dress and look alike, proudly embracing their own personalities and encouraging their fans to do the same.

They broke down cultural barriers, backing Margaret Thatcher during the era of New Labour, socializing with Nelson Mandela and even pinching heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles’ butt.

The absence of Victoria has divided some fans, but Wooton has been campaigning for years for the Spice Girls to reunite.

Two decades on from their debut, they remain vibrant, beautiful, talented and determined to bring Girl Power to a new generation.

Whether you’re here for a Spice Girls reunion or not, one thing’s for sure — these girls are about to make some serious cash!

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