Somebody's Lying! Claudia Jordan Backtracks, Says She's Never Seen Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Together

Just a day after former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Claudia Jordan ‘confirmed’ Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes’ relationship, she now says she ‘misspoke.’

Claudia originally told Theo Von and filmmaker-journalist Matt Cole Weiss’Allegedly podcast:

“[Jamie] is very happy with [Katie]. I like that he seems very happy.” 

Either she lied, or someone put pressure on her to retract her comments because Claudia’s singing a different tune today.

I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all. I’ve never seen them together. He’s never told me he’s dating her,” Claudia told Entertainment Tonight. She continued, “I don’t have the knowledge of this being fact. I don’t. I misspoke.”

Claudia insisted that she didn’t mean to reveal anything newsworthy.

A lot of times, I get asked questions about celebrities—some I know, some I don’t. A lot times we just give a safe kind of generic answer,” she said. “Sorry to not have this bombshell story, but I cannot confirm them. I hate that this has blown up like this, and I feel like a lot is being put on a three-second clip from a podcast. I just want my friend to be happy with whoever he’s with, but I don’t even want to know any more!” she said. “It’s none of my business, and again, I’ve never seen them together.”

Yikes. It sounds like someone’s legal team got involved with this one.

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