Snoop Dogg Is Continuing His Years-Long Campaign For A Cameo On A Popular British Soap Opera Show

Coronation Street has been praised by Snoop Dogg as the rapper admits he wants a role on the soap.

via: Uproxx

Snoop Dogg is once again proclaiming his love for a UK television soap opera, Coronation Street, after speaking to The Sun. The rapper loves it so much that he wants to be on the series — and has been trying for a while.

“Coronation Street, I love it,” he said. “If they call me I’ll do it. I’ll play whenever they need. I love the cinematography, acting, the storylines and just the reality.

“I’d like to be a part of it because they’ve been a part of my culture,” Snoop added.

Back in 2010, he also revealed to BBC that he was trying — but is still waiting for a cameo over a decade later.

“I had my agent reach out to them to see if they could try to get me on and they said they were interested so hopefully it might happen,” Snoop said (via the BBC). “It would be perfect for me to be on the show.”

Speaking of coronations, Snoop also said that he’d be around to perform at King Charles’ ceremony in May, after a number of major artists have reportedly passed. “I’m down to perform at the coronation. Make it happen.”

His reasoning includes the fact that the late Queen Elizabeth accepted him back in the mid-90s. “When they tried to kick me out of England, the Queen made a comment that her grandbabies loved Snoop Doggy Dogg, and he had done no wrong in Britain, so she gave me permission to be here,” he added.

Snoop has a long history loving soap operas He is on record for his love for the character Bo Buchanan and the soap opera One Life to Live. So much so he appeared on the series several times.

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