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‘SNL’ Alum Chris Redd Reportedly Dating Kenan Thompson’s Ex-Wife

Well this seems messy…

Just a few months after Kenan Thompson filed for divorce from Christina Evangeline, it’s being reported that Christina is now dating Kenan’s i former Saturday Night Live co-star Chris Redd.

via Complex:

According to TMZ, Redd and Evangeline “became official within the past year, and there was no overlap or cheating when it happened.” Although Thompson filed for Evangeline, his wife of 11 years, in May, the couple had been separated for a few years.

“We’re told Kenan’s aware of his ex’s romance with Chris and has no hard feelings – he’s apparently moved on and is happily dating other people,” TMZ noted. 

The news arrives several months after the couple’s separation was announced. Back in May, it was reported that Thompson and his estranged wife have agreed to joint custody of their two daughters, 3-year-old Gianna and 7-year-old Georgia.

Sources told TMZ in May that the couple had been separated “over a year now,” and had been successfully co-parenting their children as they worked on separate coasts. Insiders didn’t provide details on the couple’s split, stating they “simply grew apart, but are able to remain great friends.”

Thompson, 44, reportedly met Evangeline, 33, while she was working as an interior designer. They tied the knot in November 2011 in an Atlanta ceremony. The SNL star spoke about his family during a 2020 interview with People magazine, while promoting his Apple+ documentary film, Dads.

Thompson joined SNL 2003, and is now the longest-running cast member. Meanwhile, Redd revealed last week that he’s leaving SNL after five seasons on the show.

Out of ALL of the women in the world, Chris had to date his former co-worker’s ex-wife? That’s weird to us.

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