Shopper Uses Zorbing Ball to Self-Isolate [Video]

Talk about self ab-zorbed.

The coronavirus pandemic has, at the very least, inspired some creative ways to self-isolate.

A shopper in the UK decided to take no chances by rolling into her local grocery store… in a giant zorbing ball.

A YouTuber captured the moment “Tracy” descended on Morrisons supermarket in Kent, determined not to let any COVID-19 — or anything else — invade her personal space.

Picking up groceries is obviously very tricky when you are encased in an inflatable plastic shell, so she was accompanied by a chaperone, who handled the items for her, and read to her any labels that piqued her interest.

Fellow shoppers seemed bemused, as the videographer queried the couple while maintaining the recommended six-foot distance.

“I’m her carer,” her shopping partner claimed. “She’s really germaphobic.”

Despite her fear of germs, she seemed happy enough to let her “carer” handle all her groceries without a glove or mask (not to mention her filthy ungloved hands from rolling the ball), in what was very likely a set-up stunt.

Eventually, staff lost their patience with the enormous sphere blocking the aisles and asked her to leave — but not before she instructed her pal to pick up some bread, tea bags and wax strips.

While the whole thing may have been a joke, as some people pointed out in the comments, the coronavirus can live on surfaces for many days at a time, and heavy trafficked areas — like supermarket floors — are the most likely places to find it… so Tracey may have been just spreading the virus around like a paint roller.

UK residents have been criticizing the governments slow response to lockdown; although tube services in London have been reduced, commuters complain the measure is just cramming them onto the services that remain.

On Friday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for COVID-19, as did his top health minister Matt Hancock, just 48 hours after heir to the throne Prince Charles did.

The UK has recorded 14,500 cases so far, and 759 deaths.

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