Shocking! Clemson University Apartment Floor Collapses During a Party, Dozens of Students Injured [Video]

Dozens of college students were injured when a floor collapsed Saturday night during party — and the whole incident was caught on video.

via TMZ:

It’s shocking to watch, as students plummet from the first floor into the basement of an apartment.  Some of the students tried to jump to safety as the floor gave way … mostly to no avail. 

It appears as many as 30 people were injured and taken to the hospital for various injuries.  Police say none of the injuries were life threatening. 

Check out the aftermath video … you hear students screaming in shock, not processing what had happened.

The incident occurred in a clubhouse at the apartment complex, a couple of miles from Clemson Univ.

One student said he felt something “weird” just before the collapse and suddenly the guy behind him just disappeared.

The incident occurred hours after Clemson won a football game against North Carolina.

Check out video of the incident and the aftermath below.


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