Sheila E. Says Prince Tribute Hologram Was NOT Justin Timberlake's Idea, Suggests a 'Bigger Company' Was Behind It [Video]

It’s been a week since Justin Timberlake took the stage at Super Bowl LII and the surrounding controversy over what was almost a Prince hologram — and more details are still trickling out.

Before JT’s performance went down, Prince’s longtime friend and collaborator Sheila E. spoke to Justin as rumors of an alleged Prince hologram began to circulate. 

She assured fans that Justin wasn’t planning a hologram.

During Justin’s performance, fans were subjected to what was almost a hologram — which turned out to be a Prince video projected onto a large sheet.

Fans were borderline outraged, but Sheila E. says everyone should calm down because the Prince tribute wasn’t his idea in the first place.

via TMZ:

We got Sheila E. at LAX Friday where she told us people need to stop tearing JT apart for his halftime show’s Prince tribute since a bigger company was behind the idea. She wouldn’t name names, but it’s not hard to figure out who she’s talking about — either the NFL or Pepsi, which sponsored the show.

Watch the video below.

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