Shaunie O'Neal Says She Will NOT Be Attending Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher's Wedding [Video]

Shaunie O’Neal has enough drama in her life with the return of VH1’s Basketball Wives, and it looks like she’ll be saving herself from any extra drama by skipping Gloria Govan & Derek Fisher’s wedding.

via TMZ:

Derek & Shaq won 3 rings together as Lakers and were tight bros, so one might assume Shaunie could possibly want to attend the nuptials.

Hell no. We got Shaunie at LAX and asked her if she plans on attending, and if the words out of her mouth didn’t tell the whole story, the look on her face CLEARLY did.

“No, I don’t so. No, I don’t think I’ll be going to that.”

If you didn’t know, the ladies have deep issues, stemming from Shaunie’s belief that Gloria’s sister, Laura, was messing around with Shaq while Shaunie was married to the Diesel.

It led to a HUGE blowup on a past episode of ‘Basketball Wives’ where Shaunie confronted Gloria … and it’s clear the whole thing isn’t water under the bridge.

We’re not sure whether it’ll be chicken or fish at the wedding … but, in this case … it’s clearly beef.

Check out the video below.

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