Shaquille O'Neal Chokes Out Tow Truck Driver [Video]

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Shaquille O’Neal was photographed choking a tow truck driver after a boot was placed on his car.

Granted, it was all done playfully. Spence Beck of ABS Booting in the video he posted on Instagram Tuesday night — but it was all the boot man’s idea.

According to TMZ:

Spence tells us a few hours after he slapped the device on Shaq’s ride outside an Atlanta restaurant (someone forgot to feed the meter) … he got a call, and instantly recognized the Diesel’s voice.

According to Spence, Shaq played his cop card, saying … “I’m a U.S. Marshal, I need you to remove this boot.”

If you didn’t know … Shaq really was deputized back in 2005 when he helped feds track down sexual predators — and that was good enough for Spence.

We’re glad this was a joke! Could you imagine what would happened if this situation really played out?

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