Shahs of Sunset: MJ's Husband Trashes Reza's Home in a Shocking Fit of Rage [Video]

I wanted to break his legs. He’s lucky!” Tommy told MJ.

The drama from last week’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset” crashed into Friday’s installment like a wrecking ball.

After the feud between Reza Farahan and Mercedes “MJ” Javid exploded at Sara Jeihooni’s pool party with Reza blaming MJ’s near-death experience during childbirth on her past personal choices by screaming, “Your uterus exploded cause you had ten abortions,” things got even more out of control between the former BFFs.

MJ quickly called up her husband Tommy Freight to relay what went down at the “pool party massacre” — which included MJ throwing a glass of water in Reza’s face — and the news didn’t sit well with the new father.

While Reza and his husband, Adam, were out to brunch, Tommy took matters into his own hands and vandalized the outside of their property in a fit of rage. He later justified his actions by telling MJ, “I broke a plant, I wanted to break his legs. He’s lucky!”

The home invasion came after MJ and Tommy had discovered Reza had also shared intimate texts about the birth of their baby on Instagram immediately after the pool soiree fight.

After Reza came home and found the place torn up, he watched the security footage to find out the culprit and began putting the pieces together.

“Tommy called me up and said, ‘Reza you motherf–ker, I’m gonna kill you,’ Reza revealed in a confessional. “And I thought, ‘Ok low class trash’ and I hung up.”

Reza discussed the situation with Adam, saying, “What is she thinking? To send her criminal thug husband over here, to what, scare us, to hurt us?”

“I’m so glad we weren’t here,” said Adam.

Reza then revealed he was successful in obtaining a temporary restraining order against Tommy.

“She’s dead to me and I want to see him prosecuted.”

Meanwhile, Nema Vand had a lunch with MJ to talk over the drama, with MJ expressing how she should be feeling love instead of hate after just giving birth to her first child and Nema agreed.

“It’s a violation of personal space,” Nema said of Reza’s actions. But he also condemned Tommy’s retaliation by saying, “Who could ever say that is a proper reaction.”

“I am done with Reza. I only care to clear the air and that’s it,” MJ confessed. “I’ve had enough of this bulls–t.”

The end of the episode ended on a happy note, however, as Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi discovered she was pregnant. The mother-to-be screams with joy before letting the good news sink in.

Tune in next Friday on Bravo for more juicy news on the never-ending feud between Reza and MJ on “Shahs of Sunset.”

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