Seriously? Woman Brings Newborn Baby to Trump Rally Amid COVID-19

An newborn baby got dragged into her mother’s foolishness and was potentially exposed to COVID-19 at the Trump rally in Tulsa.

via TMZ:

This screenshot is from a video that was filmed and posted on social media Saturday outside of the BOK Center in downtown, where Trump is hosting a rally — the first one he’s held in months since the start of the pandemic, and which promises to be packed.

The person who posted this was documenting her day ahead of the actual rally later this evening, and one of the last posts on her IG story shows this woman with what looks like a recently born child. The woman who posted says 3 weeks old — tagging it #BabiesForTrump.

It looks like she had a convo with the mother — in her original story, the woman comes over and seems to mouth some words to her.

Needless to say, it’s sad that the kid was brought out there … as he/she has no say in the matter. Of course, newborns are susceptible to falling ill from COVID-19, as their immune systems are not fully formed.

That poor baby.

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