Scott Disick Robbed -- Multiple Watches Stolen

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Scott Disick has been robbed!

According to reports, while he was in Cannes last week someone stole a bunch of watches from his house — most valued at several thousand dollars.

via TMZ:

Disick was in Cannes late last week when someone got into his Hidden Hills home and looted his famous watch collection. Scott has publicly bragged about the timepieces, which include a Rolex Yacht-Master II valued at $32,000. Another watch goes for $48,000.  

We don’t know how many watches were taken, but law enforcement tells us there were “multiples worth a significant amount of money.” 

Cops believe it’s an inside job since there’s no sign of forced entry. Scott is known to let lots of people in his home, especially for parties. It’s more than suspicious his home was hit just after he got on a plane for France.

See…that’s why you have to be cognizant of the people you bring around.

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