Say What Now? Woman Sues KFC for Only Giving Her 8 Pieces of Chicken in Her 'Family Fill Up' Bucket, Wants $20 Million [Video]

KFC is being accused of ripping off a woman who ordered what she thought was a full bucket of chicken — but only got 8-pieces. She’s now suing the company for $20 million.
via TMZ:

The New York woman told us her story … she went into a KFC and paid 20 bucks for the “Family Fill Up” deal — expecting an overflowing feast — but got cheated. She contacted KFC about the false advertising and a rep offered her a coupon for her troubles … but she told them to eat it.

Instead, she wants the restaurant chain to pay her $20 MILLION … though she admits that number might be a tad high — for a good reason.

A KFC spokesperson tells us … they’ve got this one in the bucket.

To be fair, that bucket DOES look full — however you always have to read the fine print!

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