Say What Now? Selma Blair Removed from Delta Flight on a Stretcher After Bizarre Outburst: 'He Burns My Private Parts!'


Selma Blair was removed off a Delta flight Monday by stretcher after having a bizarre outburst.

According to witnesses, she was on a flight from Cancun, Mexico to Los Angeles in first class. She began drinking wine and was apparently seen putting something in her glass.

via TMZ:

We’re told she suddenly started crying, “He burns my private parts. He won’t let me eat or drink.”

The witnesses say she continued, “He beats me. He’s going to kill me.”

We’re told 2 nurses on board came over to help and checked her bags for pills.

Our sources say the pilot radioed ahead and told the tower there was a passenger on board who had been mixing alcohol and meds.

When the plane landed medical personal boarded the plane and took Blair off on a stretcher. She was taken to a nearby hospital. 

Yikes. We hope she’s okay. We’re also concerned about what she was saying. Who is ‘he?’

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