Say What Now? Moped Rider Gets Hit By Car, Ends Up in Storm Drain [Video]

A woman was hit by a car while riding her moped and in a bizarre sequence of events — she ended up straight in the storm drain.

via TMZ:

The strange, but true accident went down in Brazil … where some jerk (more on him later) driving a car turned right into a moped, sending the female rider flying. She hit the pavement hard, and started rolling.

As if getting hit wasn’t bad enough … her momentum sent her careening directly into a huge storm drain on the roadside!!! Honestly, it’s a one in a million chance.

Now, the good news a bunch of Good Samaritans ran to her aid — one of ’em even jumped down into the sewer — and they were able to pull her out safely. Amazingly, it looks like she only had some bad scratches on her legs.

The bad news? Watch the video … while the crowd gathered to rescue the woman, the guy who hit her snuck back to his car and dipped!!!

He made a clean getaway … for now. Karma’s gonna catch his ass.

Watch the video below.

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