Say What Now? Young White Boy Pounds On & Whips Door of Black Family, Dad Arrested [Video] |

Say What Now? Young White Boy Pounds On & Whips Door of Black Family, Dad Arrested [Video]

A little white boy came storming over to the home of a Black family in Texas with a whip in hand and a beating in mind, it seems, and the whole thing was captured on video.

via: Atlanta Black Star

The parents of the Black girl, Carissa Nash and her husband Dee Nash, say they posted the video to highlight how local law enforcement told them the boy is too young to face any criminal penalties. But the boy’s father, Bryan Thomas Brunson, is not, and he later would be arrested for his actions in the aftermath of the incident.

“This kid comes to my door with a whip looking for my 9-year-old daughter, then puts a big ass scratch on our Audi,” Carissa wrote of the incident that took place on Thursday, May 12, in Kaufman County Texas. “The police came out and tells us, ‘it’ll work itself out since he moving soon.’”

She also communicated what happened when they went to the child’s home. Saying that when her husband returned home, the two of them went to talk to the child and his family “about the damages done” to their vehicle.

First, the mom says she could hear the boy’s father tell him to lie and say he is not home, but minutes later the man emerges and “comes to the door with a gun.”

“He almost shot himself and his daughter standing behind him,” she wrote.

The couple posted a video of their visit to the 9-year-old’s home on YouTube.

In the footage, Dee is seen talking to the father, who says the reason why he has a Ruger semi-automatic pistol is because they have had beef before. Dee then attempts to show the man the Ring video of what transpired at their home, but Brunson tells them to leave his property.

An argument ensues between the two men in Brunson’s driveway, and the boy’s father places the firearm on the ground. When he picks it up, he accidentally pulls the trigger, and the camera records the sound of a shot.

Carissa is heard saying, “y’all is so violent.”

The Nashes called the police and were told no charges could be filed on the boy because he was a 9, a year too young to face criminal mischief charges.

However, TMZ reports that the Kaufman County Constable Precinct 2 Chief Administrator Jason Johnson, confirmed the bullet almost struck Brunson’s own daughter who was standing behind him. The father reportedly was hit with a felony charge of deadly conduct.

The Nashes, who have made multiple somewhat inconsistent social media posts about why the boy was at their door, say it all started because the upset boy claimed he got into a fight with the couple’s 13-year-old son — although another narrative says it was their 9-year-old daughter — while he was coming home from school.

The couple contends it would have been impossible for the son to be involved because the two minors attend separate schools.

“The kid claimed as he was walking home and was jumped by our son,” Dee Nash said online. “Our son is 13 years old. He gets out of school two hours after the 9-year-old gets out of school. So there’s no way our son could have touched or even seen this 9-year-old kid.”

The Nashes also say this is not the first incident they’ve encountered with this same boy, stating the boy has claimed that their son assaulted him before. The father says he has social media posts dating back to 2019 regarding the blond child.

Dee and Carissa Nash both took to Instagram with videos offering an account of what precipitated Thursday’s events, saying the white boy and their 9-year-old daughter, Jordan, had tussled earlier that day.

“We spoke with a group of kids that walk home with a 9-year-old, as well as my daughter, and the entire group,” the father shared. “The 9-year-old kid was saying rude things to the group of kids.”

Carissa Nash said the boy shouted out racial slurs to the other kids.

Other Black children allegedly got into an altercation with the child, and he took his skateboard and started hitting the others around him. He struck one girl and her brother beat him up.

Carissa said, “There was a brother and he got in there and said, ‘I had to defend my sister. He was hitting my sister.’”

The couple claims what happened next was the 9-year-old hit the Nashes’ daughter, Jordan Nash, and she defended herself.

The child was furious that the girl was fighting back. To make matters worse, while she was fighting the child, another boy pushed him from the back into some water. When he got up, the first person he saw was Jordan and he viciously attacked her.

Jordan came home and told Carissa what the entire ordeal was. While they were talking the boy came to the door.

A Ring camera, located on the Nash family’s door, captured the boy approaching their porch and banging on the door. In his hands, he had a whip and he snapped it a couple of times at the door.

He waited for someone to answer his frantic address. When Carissa opened the door, she chastised him for causing such a ruckus and disrespecting her home. She is heard on the clip saying, “Little boy, you better get your ass up and off my porch before I call the police, beating on my door like this! I will call the police, you need to leave. Don’t you ever beat on my godd-mn like that. GO!”

He pouted as he left the property.

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