Say What Now? World's First Drive-In Funeral Theater Opens in Texas Amid Coronavirus [Photo]

Mourners are told to honk three times as they depart.

Texas has opened the world’s first drive-in funeral theater.

Mission Park funeral home in San Antonio has rolled out the new service as the business attempts to adapt to social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Pictures from the first funeral of its kind show mourners parked a safe distance apart, with all vehicles pointed towards the large screen broadcasting a stream of an open casket in the church car park.

According to the website, the theater allows family and friends “the opportunity to attend the funeral service from the safety and comfort of their personal vehicle.”

The undertakers have set up a number of features that allow loved ones to participate in the ceremony without ever coming in contact with each other, including a four-camera streaming system at the funeral chapel, churches and gravesite.

“Hugs from Home” allows mourners to send a photo of themselves and leave a message, which is displayed during the ceremony. The guestbook and sympathy store have both been made virtual, while payments for funerals can all be made online.

Each service concludes with mourners honking three times as they drive away, “representing comfort, support and love.”

According to CEO Dick Tips, all the new remote services are provided free of charge.

“Losing a friend or family member is never easy,” he said. “We are aware that these unsettling times can amplify feelings of grief and anxiety.”

“Funerals start the healing process so we urge an extra effort be made to support those who are dealing with a loss of a loved one during this unusual time – offering support is needed now more than ever,” added managing director Kristin Tips.

Texas alone has suffered over 15,000 cases of COVID-19 so far, and 342 deaths.

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