Say What Now? Woman Punches Retired Cop in Bar Over 'Make Fifty Great Again' Hat

“She gave me a really nice little gouge there.”

This is not MFGA country, apparently.

A former NYPD cop claims he was punched in the face by a woman — on his birthday — over his “Make Fifty Great Again” hat.

Daniel Sprague was in The Stage bar Nashville celebrating his 50th birthday over the weekend with his wife, and wearing the gag gift she got him: a red cap with bold white lettering, clearly made to imitate Donald Trump’s famous MAGA hats. The only problem was, it imitated it a little too well.

“So while in the the bar,” he wrote, “a misguided soul possibly not alone, who I’m assuming was not very literate, spun me around, punch me in the face and grabbing my hat while she was yelling ‘how dare you’ leading me to think she thought it was a MAGA hat.”

And what a punch it was; Sprague posted several photos on Facebook showing a deep cut to his cheekbone with blood dripping down his face, while wearing the offending (to some) hat.

“She gave me a really nice little gouge there — I would assume that she had a ring or she maybe even had a set of keys or something to get it because it is pretty deep and it goes to the bone,” he told WSMV.

Sprague said he wanted to press charges against the woman — but she disappeared. Nashville police are now investigating.

“This is wrong. We can’t just go around as a society (assaulting people) because somebody has a political opinion that doesn’t match theirs,” he said “People have different views, but we’re not supposed to take it out on each other.”

“She has issues. I feel bad for her,” he added. “A happy birthday would’ve been nicer than a punch in the face.”

He did add in his Facebook post however that the “unfortunate incident” did not ruin “an excellent B-Day weekend.”

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