Say What Now? 'Wife Swap' Family Involved in Double Murder, Son Shot His Mother & Brother Then Tried to Kill Himself

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A family featured on ‘Wife Swap’ is currently at the center of a double murder investigation after one of the family’s kids allegedly shot and killed his mother, his brother, and then tried to kill himself.

via TMZ:

The Stockdale family, described on the show as “devoutly religious” … appeared on an episode in 2008. Cops say on Thursday, 25-year-old Jacob Stockdale shot and killed his mother, Kathryn, and 21-year-old brother, James.

He then shot himself, and was taken by helicopter to a hospital. He’s still alive, but his condition is unknown.

The family of 4 brothers made up a bluegrass band with their dad. According to the family’s website, Jacob was a renowned fiddle player in Ohio.

Still unclear what led to the shooting.


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