Say What Now? White Woman Calls the Police on a Black Woman Waiting for an Uber in the Rain [Video]

Another day, another white person putting a Black person’s life in danger by calling the police for no reason.

This time, Brooklyn resident Darsell Obregon found herself waiting for an Uber in the entryway outside of an apartment building after she got caught in the middle of a rainstorm when a woman who lived in the building demanded she leave.

via Complex:

“I was in #Brooklyn walking to the train when a sudden rain storm began and I hid in the doorway OUTSIDE of a random apartment in #ParkSlope to shield myself from the rain and call an Uber,” Obregon wrote in a post on Facebook. “No more than three minutes later a young woman who lives in the building opened the front door and told me that I can not stand there and had to leave.”

The resident, Arabella Juniper Torres, then decided to do what so many other white people have done for no reason: she called the police. Obregon, who is black, began recording. Check out her full post below. 

In the videos you can here the resident telling Obregon to leave, and talking with police about her physical characteristics. Eventually, Obregon’s Uber driver arrived and the two drove off despite Torres’ threats to the driver. 

Check out the videos below.

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