Say What Now? Watch Baboon Escape From Vet With His 'Two Wives' Before Vasectomy [Video]

The monkey business went down at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Australia.

A baboon in Australia high-tailed it out of a medical facility before his vasectomy, and broke out his two female counterparts as well.

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard told The Sydney Morning Herald that the trio of primate escapees had just arrived to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital on Tuesday when the vehicle’s door lock failed.

“They obviously decided that inspecting the premises was an appropriate way to spend a couple of hours at the hospital,” said Hazzard. “Last I heard they’d had a good look around the precinct and ended up in the carpark where they were behaving far better than what we’d expect of baboons.”

Videos online show the three monkeys on the lam, running alongside parked cars and avoiding the gawking human bystanders.

The New South Wales Police Force shared a cheeky warning on Twitter, posting, “This is not a Mandrill! Earlier this afternoon, a troop of baboons escaped from a facility and were going bananas in Camperdown. Police and wildlife handlers now have the situation under control, so please let them do their job and don’t be tempted to pry, mates.”

Members from the nearby Taronga Zoo sedated the monkeys before bringing them back to the hospital.

Hazzard stressed the three animals were not abused and only transported from a colony at a research facility to help their quality of life.

“They don’t want him to continue breeding with the small troupe he’s in so in order for him to stay, the decision was taken that he should have a vasectomy,” said Hazzard, noting, “The two females were there just to keep him calm.”

He explained to The Daily Telegraph what would become of the bandits when the dust settles.

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