Say What Now? Uber Eats Driver Asks Customer for Gas Money Before Delivering Food

Complaining about tipping is one thing — but how would you feel about paying for gas on top of your food delivery?

via: Complex

The customer, Exavier Pope, took to Twitter to share screenshots of his conversation with his driver. “This Uber Eats Driver just asked me to CashApp him gas money to bring my food to me,” Pope tweeted on May 31.

In the screenshot, the driver said to Pope, “I’m gonna run outta gas, can you cash app me a few bucks for gas please, I had no idea u were that far.”

In a follow-up tweet, the customer wrote that the driver had called him five times, saying it was “harassment.”

Their message conversation continued, with Pope calling the driver “unprofessional” and the driver apologizing.

Pope then threatened to call the police.

It appears that the driver ended up leaving the food, though Pope noted it was, “left it on the ground outside like trash.”

Uber replied to Pope’s thread, and in response, he called the incident a “harrowing experience.”

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