Say What Now? Two Women Brawl Over PS5 at Walmart [Video] |

Say What Now? Two Women Brawl Over PS5 at Walmart [Video]

The world has gone mad, a huge fight in the middle of a Walmart between two women saw one of them beaten, and their head stomped on over a PlayStation 5.

via: New York Post

Game over.

Two women wound up in a knock-down, hair-dragging battle over a PS5 game console at a North Carolina Walmart this week, leaving both apparently bruised and empty-handed.

The two women exchanged punches over the hot ticket item at a Walmart in Charlotte on Dec. 13, TMZ reported.

Video of their confrontation has since gone viral.

A woman with long braids can be seen shouting at another woman with a black hoodie, “What the f–k are you gonna do?”

At one point, a man in a motorized scooter and a woman in a red mask try to intervene but the woman in braids continues to shout, video shows.

The women then get into a fistfight in the electronic section, ending with the woman in braids being knocked down flat on the ground.

Cops responded to the scene but the women left the store before officers arrived — apparently without a PS5, according to TMZ.

Y’all really out here taking penitentiary chances over a Playstation.

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