Say What Now? TSA Finds Massive Boa Constrictor in Passenger’s Carry-On Bag [Video]

A woman flying at Tampa International Airport attempted to bring a 4-foot boa constrictor on her flight last month.

via: Complex

Earlier this week, the Transportation Security Administration confirmed an unusual discovery at the Tampa International Airport last month. According to CNN, security screeners came across a massive boa constrictor that was placed inside a passenger’s carry-on bag, along with a laptop, shoes, and other unnoteworthy items.

TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein told the network that the four-foot-long snake, named Bartholomew, belonged to a woman who claimed the snake was her “emotional support pet.” The airline was immediately notified about the discovery, and determined the boa could not fly on the plane.

The agency poked fun at the Dec. 15 incident in an Instagram post, which of course included pun after pun.

“There’s a danger noodle in that bag… Our officers at Tampa International Airport didn’t find this hyssssssterical!” the TSA wrote in the caption. “Coiled up in a passenger’s carry-on was a 4’ boa constrictor! We really have no adder-ation for discovering any pet going through an x-ray machine. Do you have asp-irations of taking a snake on a plane? Don’t get upsetti spaghetti by not understanding your airline’s rules.”

The TSA went on to say that airlines don’t allow snakes in carry-on bags, but will fly the reptiles if they’re properly placed in checked bags.

“Has all this left you wanting to squeeze out more travel answers?” the agency continued. “You can always mamba on over to our friends at AskTSA! They’ll rattle out responses to your questions 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET).”

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