Say What Now? Subway Employee Suspended After Footage Shows Her Defending Herself From Armed Robber [Video]

A Subway employee has been suspended after defending herself during an attempted robbery.

via Complex:

The incident took place on September 5 at a Subway location in Rockford, Illinois. Araceli Sotelo was working alone when a man walked in, flashed a gun at her, and demanded access to the money in the store’s cash register.

“He kind of just showed me his gun, and I was like freaking out like, ‘Woah you can’t do that please leave,’” Sotelo told WTVO. “He said ‘Give me all the money’ and I said ‘I do not have any money, like, I do not have any money.’ He was just like, ‘Give me everything before I hurt you.’”

“He was smaller than me, so I have that advantage,” she explained. “He dropped [the gun] trying to hold onto my purse, and I end up pulling his sweatshirt off him and I was like ‘Show your face, show your face, you are on camera.’”

Sotelo continued, “He was like ‘Here you can have your purse back just give me back my stuff.’ He wanted me to give him back his gun and his clothes. I just hit him on the head with it, that is what he was doing to me.”

After footage of the encounter went viral, Sotelo was suspended from her job.

“I get a call yesterday it was like, ‘If every one of these videos are not taken offline you will be suspended,’ and then I texted them and I’m like ‘How long am I suspended for?’ They said till everything is removed online,” Sotelo revealed. “They did not want anyone to know, they wanted to be private that it happened to me and that I fought back, but I think they did that because they do not want corporate to know.”

If she hasn’t already, she should start a GoFundMe — we’re sure the public would love to support her through her suspension.

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