Say What Now? Sony Admits to Releasing Fake Michael Jackson Songs Sung By an Impersonator

Back in 2010, Sony Music released ‘Michael’ — a posthumous Michael Jackson album featuring unreleased songs said to be from the late singer’s archive.

Upon hearing the album, it was clear to many Michael Jackson fans that whoever was singing certain songs on that album was NOT Michael. Even members Michael’s own family came out and said they didn’t believe it was him.

A Jackson fan named Vera Serova filed a class-action lawsuit against the album’s producers in 2014 over the alleged fraud.

According to court documents, Sony conceded this week that several of the songs — “Breaking News,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and the 50 Cent collaboration “Monster” — were actually performed by a Michael Jackson sound-alike named Jason Malachi.

Jason Malachi confessed to taking part in the hoax back in 2011, according to TMZ.

Sonly is admitting the fraud now in court because now the company is arguing it believed the producers’ claims that the songs were really Michael and shouldn’t be held liable for the fraud. Sony is trying to convince the judge that it had the right to advertise the album as Michael Jackson’s even if he wasn’t featured on every track.

A decision on the label’s culpability is expected within 90 days.

[via Vulture]

Update: Sony is pushing back, saying it didn’t concede anything.

“No one has conceded that Michael Jackson did not sing on the songs,” said Zia Modabber of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, who is representing both Sony Music and the Jackson estate in this matter. “The hearing Tuesday was about whether the First Amendment protects Sony Music and the Estate and there has been no ruling on the issue of whose voice is on the recordings.” That interpretation was seconded to Variety by the plaintiff’s attorney on Friday afternoon.

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