Say What Now? School Teacher Strips Down, Chases Elementary Students Around the Playground [Video]

Parents and students at a Los Angeles elementary school watched in horror when video showed a physical education teacher strip down and chase nearby second and fifth-grade students.

via NYDN:

The video was taken by a construction worker who was passing near Carthay Center Elementary school playground when the incident took place on Friday, CBS Los Angeles reports.

One parent told the outlet that the teacher “undressed and started chasing the kids while he was naked, and then the kids ducked and dodged, ran into some of the classrooms and got safe haven that way.”

The school was placed on lock-down while officers responded and took the teacher into custody.

Parents were reportedly notified about the incident via an automated phone call as well as a letter sent home with the students.

“An individual began behaving in an unusual way, prompting us to contact law enforcement,” part of the letter reads, according to CBS LA.

School district officials told the outlet that the teacher was actually a contracted employee who works for the district’s Star Education Program. 

Police continue to investigate the case but as of now no charges have been filed.

No charges yet? What? This is a sexual offense if we’ve ever seen one.

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