Say What Now? Racist White Men Confront Black Woman Over Her 1-Year-Old Making Noises in a Las Vegas Restaurant [Video]

Two old racist white men in Las Vegas harassed a Black woman and her baby trying to eat at a restaurant because they were annoyed by the little one’s sounds.

via TMZ:

This went down at a Japanese joint Monday, where the mother started filming the two men — we’ll call them Kens (Karen gets a day off) — from across the restaurant. She feels one of the guys was being racist because he’d said something about her 1-year-old daughter making noises — ya know, like babies tend to do.

The men never say anything racist on camera, but the mom claims they said something before the video started. When the men realize she’s recording, they whip out their own phones, and the older guy got out of his chair and accosted the mom and the 2 kids at her table.

Thankfully, one of the staffers finally stepped in and told the old guy to go back to his seat … and then later, it looks like they’re both asked to leave.

Watch the video below. That baby is so cute!


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Never in a million years would I have thought I would encounter this. I took my 13 year old sister and my baby girl Mila to dinner to UMEZONO SUSHI AND GRILL in Las Vegas NV. Walking in, I see them giving us the death stare, my body had chills. It hasn’t even been 5 minutes before these two creatures started mocking my 1 year old, harassing us, calling my 1 year old daughter annoying. Calling me a radical left and telling me to keep her quite or else! At this point I’m shaking terribly, I did not know what to do or say. My intuition told me if I did anything out of my character that they were going to cause us some harm, so I pulled out my camera and started recording. But right before I started recording , the creature in the white shirt said some derogatory, disgusting, racist comments I do not wish to repeat at this point. God knows what else they were saying to the chefs that were in front of them. I am so heartbroken for myself, my little sister but more importantly for my innocent, sweet baby girl Mila ?. This is the world we live in!!! This is America. I am so sorry Mila, so lost for words.

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