Say What Now? Pulls Off $100,000 Casino Heist Using a Prosthetic Mask and Fake IDs [Photo]

A Michigan man used a prosthetic face mask to transform himself into an old man and managed to steal thousands of dollars from several casinos.

He also used a few fake IDs and personal information from elderly victims.

via TMZ:

John Colletti, who is 55, needed to look a lot older, and the prosthetic face mask did the trick, but for safe measure, he wore hats, glasses and even surgical masks.  He went to the MGM Grand Casinos last year in Michigan and Kansas and withdrew a fortune at the self-service kiosks … this according to the federal complaint.

The feds say at least 10 people were victimized and Colletti stole more than $100,000.

The FBI cracked the case with the help of a search warrant, and they found a lot, including 4 prosthetic face masks, flash drives, counterfeit money and books on how to commit a crime without getting caught.

Colletti is currently in custody in Kansas. Authorities want him back in Michigan to face charges.

What he did was wrong, but we’ll give him a few points for creativity and effort.

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