Say What Now? NYC Woman Stabs Roommate After Being Asked to Stop Drinking So Much During Quarantine

Daria Alyabyeva(left), Tatiana Nazarinova (right)

A New York City woman claims she was nearly stabbed to death by her roommate all because she asked her to stop drinking all the time during quarantine.

via TMZ:

The victim’s name is Tatiana Nazarinova — an Upper East Side resident who was living with 27-year-old Daria Alyabyeva amid the lockdown. On April 19, Tatiana was repeatedly stabbed and damn-near died … just because she wanted Daria to stop drinking, or so she claims.

Tatiana detailed the weeks leading up to the alleged stabbing to the NY Daily News, saying she used to live with Daria in California years ago — adding they recently reunited on the East Coast … where Tatiana says she was trying to help her old pal get on her feet.

The victim claims Daria always had a drinking and partying problem, but that she wanted to lend a hand to her anew because they’re both Russian … and that’s what they do. Unfortunately, it sounds like the boozing continued in the Big Apple — but once the coronavirus pandemic hit, Tatiana was hopeful that might put a halt to it in one fell swoop.

It didn’t … Tatiana says Daria actually got worse while confined indoors, allegedly drinking at all hours of the day — which finally boiled over a few weeks ago after a near-fatal confrontation. Law enforcement sources tell us Tatiana found a whiskey cup in the living room — this after she’d apparently told Daria to only booze in her room — and threw it in the sink.

That allegedly set Daria off, whom we’re told grabbed a knife and hacked away at Tatiana … leaving her with multiple stab wounds and bleeding profusely. Cops say Daria took off, and luckily … paramedics were able to save Tatiana after taking her to the hospital.

The police nabbed Daria 8 days later and booked her on attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges. She’s at Rikers Island right now on $750,000 bond.

We get it — tensions are high during the lockdown — but you can’t go around stabbing your roommate. Especially not to near-death.

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