Say What Now? Nude Basketball Player Told Cops Being Naked 'Enhances His Skill Level'

A Florida man arrested for playing basketball naked in a public park told police he plays with his dick out because “playing naked enhances his skill level.”

via NYDN:

Jordon Anderson, 29, was arrested for indecent exposure while balling by himself on Monday, according to a Longwood, Fla. police report obtained by the the Smoking Gun.

A park employee called 911 when they saw the 5-foot-6, 220-pound Anderson working on his game au naturale.

“I observed the white male who was later identified as Jordan (sic) Anderson on the basketball court of the park and without any clothing on his body,” the arresting officer wrote in his report. When he asked the suspect why he wasn’t wearing clothes, the man offered his bizarre explanation.

Anderson complied when asked to put his clothes on, but was taken into custody anyway.

“Based on observing Jordan at Candy Land Park, which is a public area, exposing his sexual organs, I found probably cause too charge Jordan with indecent exposure,” the officer stated.

Anderson “did not have any medical concerns or special hazards that needed attention” the officer wrote, adding the incident didn’t appear to be drug or alcohol related.

The weather in Longwood saw a high of 83 degrees and a low of 71, according to

Maybe the NBA should hold a few games nude next season … you know … to see if this actually works… in the name of basketball.

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