Say What Now? Nick Young Says 'Everybody Needs to Do Cocaine!' [Video]

While most of the United States is at odds over the legalization of marijuana, Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young is ready for everyone to legalize cocaine.

via TMZ:

“I want people to pass cocaine,” the NBA star told TMZ Sports outside 1 OAK on Tuesday night … “Everybody needs to do cocaine!”

For the record, cocaine isn’t illegal everywhere — did you know blow is sorta legal in Colombia where people can possess 1 gram or less? There’s similar laws in the Czech Republic and Uruguay.

And, there’s been a real argument that legalizing all drugs could actually benefit the society.  

Aside from the booger sugar convo, we also spoke with Swaggy about LeBron James, the Warriors and how he’s blinging out his brand new NBA Championship ring! 

Check out the video below.

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