Say What Now? Michigan High School Student Fatally Stabs Classmate Over a Boy

A 17-year-old high school student is behind bars and her 16-year-old classmate is dead after an altercation over a boy.

via NYDN:

Tanaya Lewis was charged with first-degree murder after she allegedly stabbed a classmate with a steak knife and then began laughing at her heinous act of horror, reported Detroit TV station WXYZ.

The gruesome misdeed occurred Wednesday morning inside Fitzgerald High School in Warren, Mich. Victim Danyna Gibson suffered at least two body punctures — one to the heart and another to the lung, said authorities, reported

A bleeding Gibson tried to flee after the first stab but Lewis chased her down to slice her a second time in the back, which pierced her lung, according to WXYZ.

The attack, which occurred in a classroom during a class changeover, was witnessed by at least 20 students. A resource officer stationed at Fitzgerald High immediately tried to resuscitate Gibson with CPR.

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer stated at a press conference that the girls had been pals but steered clear of each other after an argument over a boy they had both dated.

Gibson died less than an hour after the attack, noted Dwyer.

Despite being 17, Lewis faces the murder charge as Michigan residents are considered adults over the age of 16.

The boy trapped in the lethal love triangle, who was not identified, is cooperating with the criminal probe, said Dwyer. The commissioner also referred to both girls as “straight-A students” who had never gotten into trouble.

Lewis was denied bond on Friday and did not enter a plea. She is expected to appear in court later this month, WXYZ reported.

Such a shame.

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