Say What Now? Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes for Using Video of Flooded Puerto Rico to Demo His New 360-Degree Video Technology [Photos]

Mark Zuckerberg had a major lapse of judgement when he decided to use footage of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico as part of a demonstration to show off Facebook’s 360-degree virtual reality technology.

He is now apologizing.

via TMZ:

Zuckerberg issued an apology for the demonstration he and other FB staffers pulled off on Tuesday.

The technology is, no doubt, cool — using VR to drop your friends into your home, your vacation … or maybe even your decimated homeland … in the case of millions of Puerto Ricans.

The video is stunning — go 2 minutes into this clip, and make sure you wait for the high-five between Mark and his social media honcho, Rachel.

Tone-deaf is a HUGE understatement

That was a TERRIBLE idea. Using people’s suffering and devastation to promote a product that’s inevitably going to make Mark & his people MILLIONS is tasteless and completely unacceptable.

The only way he can make this right (in our eyes) is by donating millions to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief efforts.

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