Say What Now? Man Finds Brain Washed Up on Lake Michigan Beach [Photo]

What would you do if you were minding your business on the beach and a foil-wrapped package just happened to wash up along the shore?

Would you open it?

A man named Jimmy Senda found a foil package on the shores of Lake Michigan on Tuesday morning in Wisconsin and decided to open it up — and inside he found a brain.

via TMZ:

At first, Jimmy says his own brain didn’t even register what he just found … and then after a few moments he realized he wasn’t holding a chicken breast — as he initially thought — but rather someone or something’s noodle.

Jimmy called the police to investigate, and the Racine County Medical Examiner tells TMZ … the brain is NOT human. Their early take is appears to be from a cat.

That’s disgusting. He should’ve simply minded his business.

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